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Ironically, when you have a “flat” mood which prominently includes “emotional blunting”, it can be a cardinal sign of depression in the first place! Of course, the unfortunate patients who received surgical lobotomies on the brain 100 years ago also suffered from emotional blunting. The fact that this can emerge even as depression itself remits suggests the phenomenon is not part of the clinical syndrome but a consequence of its treatment with antidepressant medication. 5 The case for emotional blunting being an effect of drug treatment was argued by Andrea Fagiolini University of Siena Medical Center, Siena, Italy. Emotional blunting, or the inability to experience usual emotions, can be a side effect of many antidepressants. It needs to be distinguished from residual depressive symptoms and, if distressing the patient, may warrant a change of treatment. I've been on five different SSRIs and though they decrease my anxiety, they tend to zap my good emotions as well. I have tried SNRIs and Wellbutrin to counteract the emotional blunting, but it seems that anything with norepinephrine worsens my depression a ton.

Emotional blunting is reported by nearly half of depressed patients on antidepressants. It appears to be common to all monoaminergic antidepressants. The OQESA scores are highly correlated with HAD depression score; emotional blunting cannot be described simply as a side-effect of antidepressants, but also as a symptom of depression. I also know that given the choice between those dark years of constant fear and depression and now, having to make do with a slighter smaller emotional scale, I wouldn’t hesitate to make the same decision over and over again. Never let someone make you feel ashamed for needing a little help. It’s not them that has to live through it, it’s. Auchus, Olga Oretsky, C’17; and Julia Spandorfer, C’17, worked in Ruscio’s lab for a year. Auchus focused on emotional blunting, also known as reduced affect display, a common characteristic of depression. Blunting can show in verbal and non-verbal ways, including hunched shoulders and a soft or monotone voice.

30/09/2019 · Just wondering if anyone has experienced emotional blunting? I have been on an anti depressant for some time and have just realised that I am emotionally numb. I cannot stand this feeling as I have not been able to cry or experience any emotion.. 04/10/2011 · If the depression symptoms have improved, but emotional blunting persists, it’s likely due to the antidepressant. If, on the other hand, the emotional blunting continues alongside unrelieved sadness, weepiness, and other depression symptoms, then it’s more apt to be part of the original disorder, she explains.

Hi Everyone, I used to be a highly motivated, driven person. Extremely creative but emotional for my entire life. I was driven by success. I was diagnosed with depression 13 years ago. I found out I had six familiy members with it. Electroconvulsive therapy and suicide were in my family. Emotional numbing is a coping mechanism many people use when dealing with physical or emotional trauma, overwhelming stress, depression, or anxiety. Emotional numbing is a coping mechanism many people use when dealing with physical or emotional trauma, overwhelming stress, depression.

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